Children's Poem: Monster Under the Bed?

Monster, monster

Who is it that is lurking there?
Has under my bed become your lair?
Is it my imagination?
Are you really there?
Did you come to give me a scare?
Or act as my new teddy bear? Monster, monster
Are you now under the stairs?
Who else would create those creaks?
Is it old wood
Or are you not good?
Do you just want a friend
With no other way to communicate

Monster, monster
What are you doing here?
Are you lost
Or banished?
Do you come from far or near?
Did you seek to travel
To discover new worlds?
Or come out from the shadows
To wreak havoc
Hide my things
Give me spots
And even bad thoughts?

Or did you hear my fears
And found yourself here? Monster, monster
Why did you come here?
I hope one day, I will get near
Or is it my imagination
And you will disappear
Monster, monster
I think I wish that you were here

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