Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How You Can Support Me

Hello everyone, I have been posting about this on Twitter but I am aware that not everyone uses Twitter. My dream is to be a full time blogger and author. I absolutely love blogging, it is so much fun and I feel great being able to write about topics that I am passionate about. In order to reach my dream, it would be helpful if I could earn an income from my blog. If you enjoy my content and would like to support this blog through a pledge, you can use: or

I will outline these two different services below:

This is a one off payment of £3 that will help go towards my daily costs.

This is a monthly payment system. 

Any money that I receive will go towards daily costs, including food shopping and bills. Of course, you can also support me through just reading my words, commenting on my posts and subscribing to my blog but if you would like to support me using either of these services then thank you. I am so happy that you enjoy my blog and I am so grateful that you would like to support it. You are helping me become closer to my dreams and allowing me to do what I love for a living and that is truly something magical.

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