Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Poem: Becoming a Vegetarian

I always ate meat
Loved barbecue ribs
Tried veggie diet once
Lasted a day
I was just a child
A world away
I saw some vegans
All online
And I began to wonder
One day at a time
Saw an advert
About a cow
Where they take the meat from
Mind changed now
Went to the shops
In search of alternative foods
Began my new diet
Salads and veg
Noodles and rice
Can’t eat cheese
IBS does not like
Always loved fruit
So no problem there
But not much for vegetables
I never really cared
Now I’m trying all things new
And I feel better
A brand new you
People may laugh
And misunderstand
But I can make my own choices
And make a stand
If my stomach agrees
Then I will try
To continue
My brand new life 

-Lucy Ann Smith

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