Saturday, 3 February 2018

Series I Need to Finish/ Series Crackdown TBR

Series Crackdown is a readathon between 9th-18th February where readers can attempt to finish their unread or unfinished book series’ on their shelves. So, here is a list of all the completed series I have on my shelves that I either have not read or that I have not finished yet:

I think that it is best to go into the first book in this series not knowing much so here is a brief synopsis: this series follows the perspective of a male teenager who wishes to escape his small town. He meets a girl that changes everything. She is cursed.
I have read the first two books in this series (there are four altogether) and I remember really enjoying them and reading them very quickly. However, it was a long time ago so I am interested to see if I still feel the same. I did have some issues with the female protagonist in the second book but the other characters were likeable and the storyline was still intriguing. The stakes seemed to increase in the sequel. Once I finish this series, I can start reading the spin off series.

I have had this book series on my shelf since the first film came out! I have heard mixed reviews of the books and the films but I remember being interested when I read a preview of the first book. I do not know much about this series as I have tried to avoid spoilers. It begins with a boy finding himself in a strange place and there are others there too.

I have seen all of the films and recently began reading The Hobbit which I wanted to read before starting The Fellowship of The Ring (the first book in The Lord of The Rings series) because The Hobbit is set before this series. I am very excited to finally read what I have seen in the movies.
The Lord of The Rings follows Frodo and his friends joining on an adventure to destroy an evil ring which once belonged to a great dark force named Sauron.

So, those are the completed series that I currently have on my shelves that I have not finished. Which unread series’ do you own?

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  1. I have a few of the Morganville books to read. I have the True Blood books which I may never read. Poldark books I'm watching tge series first and I have the last song of ice and fire/game of thrones book to read. Finished rereading Two Towers lately and will reread Return of the King later. I have Inkspell by Cornelia Funke to read-part three of a trilogy. I have a habit if startinh book series but not finishing them. The Lord of the rings books have a lot more going on than the movies and Arwen does not really feature much but I love those books.

  2. I have the first Poldark book but I'm not sure whether I'm going to read them, I love the series! I have all of the song of ice and fire books to read. I'm glad you're enjoying so many books, you can always finish the series later.

  3. Those maze runner covers are beautiful �� I love the pop of color and the black background �� I have too much series to finish I'm not even thinking about it lol

    1. The spines are really nice too! That's ok, I'm a firm believer in reading what you feel like reading at the time