Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Why I Want to Become an Editor: My Future Goals Part 1

I have recently decided that I would like to train to be an editor for books and blogs and I wanted to discuss why, as well as to tell you about my future goals. Please let me know what your future goals are!

In choosing a career, I have always known that I wanted to help people and that I wanted a job with variety. For a very long time, I have wanted to become a published author and that has not changed. Writing is who I am and I will continue to write creatively. Additionally, I intend to keep blogging, I love reviewing books and discussing different topics and the idea that this blog may be of interest to some people and may even help them. I want to write because I love it, because I need to and because I want to help people through my writing. However, I also love the idea of becoming an editor. The idea of helping other writers put their stories out into the world. A lot of people have amazing tales to tell and I would love to be able to edit their work so that the full potential of their stories can be met.

I have a keen eye for detail and I am quite good at spotting mistakes in writing. To become a professional editor, I would like to gain qualifications in areas such as proofreading, copyediting and grammar In order to do so I have set up a goal on Ko-Fi which uses payment from Paypal to support creators. You can also support me for free by using any of my affiliate links. Including, for Audible which will allow you to gain a free audiobook through a free trial that you can cancel if you do not wish to pay for the next month and I will earn a commission. I will leave my links below if you would like to help, thank you.
Part 2 of this post coming soon!

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