Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Why I’m Writing on Wattpad

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Hello! So in my last post I said that I joined Wattpad. Wattpad is a writing social network site where you can post your novel, short stories and poems. It shows you how many people have read your work and people can ‘vote’ for each part if they like it. Votes and reads contribute to putting your work in the chart for that genre. The chart is the top 1000 works in that genre and it changes often. There are also ‘clubs’ which are forums where you can talk to other writers/readers.

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you will know that I am an aspiring author. My dream is to be a full-time author and blogger. Despite this, I have never finished a full first draft of a proper book. With my current novel, I am almost halfway through the first draft and that has taken a long time to write. I was thinking about joining Wattpad to have an added source of motivation and inspiration for my writing as I would know that people would be waiting for the next chapter. However, as it is my dream to see my books in the bookshops, I wasn’t sure if this would still be possible if I had published online. However, I discovered that there were authors who had started on Wattpad. I messaged them to find out more and I found out that posting online is not always a hindrance and, in some cases, it can actually be beneficial. So with this I got to work editing what I had already written. Then I plan to write on from where I had got to. I am already editing and writing more than I would have done because I want to publish new chapters on Wattpad. I think that Wattpad will actually help me finish writing projects and it is great to talk to other writers and readers.

If you’re a writer, have you ever considered joining Wattpad?


  1. I recently became a booktuber and book blogger, but I've been a writer on wattpad for about a year or more now I think. And I LOVE writing Wattpad, you can get a lot of feedback from other writers or your readers!

    1. That's great! I'll have to find your account!