Tuesday, 24 April 2018

April/May Goals

Hello! I have been spending a lot of time blogging and working on social media in relation to this. I love doing this but in between I am spending a lot of time just scrolling through social media and I am not getting other things done that I want to do. So here is a list of my goals to achieve over the next month or so:


I really want to finish more books a week and I have been experiencing a reading slump in April! So my goal is to try to read even more. I need to actively make sure that I am fitting in reading time where possible because I love reading and there are so many more books that I want to read! My 48 hours of no internet is this weekend (28th-29th April) so I am hoping that will help kickstart some more reading (this is for Cancer Research UK and you can donate here).


I have always wanted to be good at art and over the years I have experimented with different arts and crafts. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to obtain a drawing tablet to draw digitally and I have so far made a couple of drawings that I am proud of but I would like to try fitting in regular drawing time to practice and improve. 

Edit something

I have started uploading some different projects to my Wattpad page. I had a short story, a poem and a novel that I was working on but I looked around at my other book ideas and decided on the ones that I also wanted to work on. Now for each project I either need to write or edit to progress. I am planning on flitting between projects and writing whichever I feel like. However, I have been in a writing slump for a while so I don’t know how well this will go. My mind has been longing to travel and get inspiration but I cannot do that at the moment so I am hoping my creative writing motivation will return ready soon.


I used to write poetry a lot when I was younger and I had quite a few poems published in anthologies. Over recent years I haven’t written as many poems as I used to and I want to try to get back into it. I love writing poems to themes so if you have any theme ideas please comment or send me them on Twitter! I may create a collection…

Those are some of the goals that I want to work on next month.

What are your goals for May?

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  1. These are great goals. Good luck achieving them. My goal for May is to comment on more blogs and Instagram posts. I feel like I neglect Instagram but I'm going to work on it in May!!