Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Going Back on Wattpad and Getting Back to Writing my Novel

Hello! So for a while I have been going through a creative writing slump. I have been writing blog posts and working on social media and brand relations for my blog but I just haven’t felt the motivation or inspiration to write my book. Earlier this year I started posting my current work in progress, Through the Portal, on Wattpad. This is a novel that I have been working on, on and off for two years. I have almost half of the novel written and I was editing those chapters and uploading them regularly on Wattpad. However, I got to a point where I seemed to have lost my writing muse. It was as if the writer in me had hibernated.

However, lately I have been seeing others publish their work and working on their novels and it has helped me to recollect the love I have always had for writing novels.

I am hoping to start editing chapters again and to keep going. I would like to keep posting on Wattpad. I will be focusing on Through the Portal in order to give it the attention that it deserves and to finish it.

I was looking into doing a masters in creative writing but I think now that I won't be able to do one so I decided to create my own 'course'. I have come up with a writing routine that works for me. I don't like schedules; they make me feel stressed and anxious. I work a lot but I go through a job list throughout the day and if there is something that I don't feel in the mood for I will leave it till later or shift it to another day. I want to dedicate time to writing books alongside my blog so I have set some goals for editing/writing a certain number of chapters a week and I feel quite good about it. I like having a flexible schedule and I can write alongside everything else that I do. 

If you write, how is your writing going?

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  1. I LOVE writing on Wattpad, I used it to write some of my first draft on! I am currently editing and revising my novel, and finishing up some stories on Wattpad.

    1. That's great! What is your username? I'd love to check out your account and make a new Wattpad friend!