Thursday, 3 May 2018

Loungefly Pokemon

Loungefly are a company that design and produce beautiful bags, clothes and accessories which include designs of popular concepts such as Pokemon. Today, I am going to show you some of the Pokemon range as I am in love with it.

Crossbody bags:

This is the pastel Loungefly Pokémon crossbody bag. It features the kanto starts and a beautiful pink strap.

This is a black crossbody bag in what reminds me of a fashionable briefcase style with Pikachus on it.

This is a black crossbody bag featuring the kanto starters and a tropical print!

I love this bag. It is a yellow crossbody bag featuring Pikachu and Pichu. It reminds me of the Pikachu movie!

Another bag featuring the kanto starters but it also features pokeballs. I love the combination of the white fabric and the black strap.

A purse version of the above design!

A crossbody bag featuring ghost Pokemon. If you love the ghost type then this bag is definitely for you!


I love this backpack featuring many different Pokemon! The mixture of the white and brown fabric is beautiful.
I also really like this blue Pokemon backpack.

I love this yellow Pikachu/Pichu backpack so much!

If you’re an Eeveelution fan then you’ll probably love this black backpack and it also comes with a pencil case!

Purses/ Pencil Cases:

This is such a cute pencil case!
So many Pokemon on this blue purse!

For more Pokemon Loungefly products, look here.

I haven't quite decided what my favourite bag is yet, what is yours?

*This post features affiliate links from which I gain a commission if you buy anything. This in no way affects the price and I genuinely found that seemed to be the best place to find Pokemon Loungefly bags for the UK. 

**Note- when buying from the US make sure that you check import fees, I checked and for a $60 bag this is around £8, please check before purchase! I used this website:


  1. Oh my gosh, I need all the backpacks... and cross body bags. I NEED ALL THE BAGS!

    1. Hehe! I'm trying to find one that I might ask for for my birthday but there's so many good ones!