Poem: The Little Fox

The Little Fox

There once was a fox
Who collected old socks
And slept near some rocks
There was just one problem
For this little fox
People were afraid of him
And he was alone
Other animals had families
He had none
No friends, no acquaintances, not even one
The fox wanted a friend
So dearly he wished
For someone to like him
And to put on his birthday party list
They could play in the day
And talk in the night
And he would not give them a fright
The little fox
Almost gave up
After a long time of waiting
And trying to make friends
He sat in his pile of socks
Collected from the bins
Then one day
When he did not expect
Another fox moved to town
Wanting to make friends
They shared some food
And told of their lives
The other fox was not frightened
Not even a bit
And slept near the rocks
That had once belonged only to the little fox

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