Monday, 14 May 2018

Why I Love Going to the Beach

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With the weather warming up, I’ve been longing to spend days at the beach. I absolutely love going to the beach. Here are four reasons why:

The sea

I have always loved being near the sea: the sound of the waves, the water hitting the shore, the calmness in its retreat. I enjoy walking in it and paddling in it. One time I even saw a seal up close! I think there is part of me that still hopes to find a mermaid or a loch ness like creature, that would be so cool. 

The air

I love the sea air. It always smells so fresh and it makes me sleep better at night.

The adventure

Going to the beach is always an adventure: packing up what is needed, taking food and drinks. Walking to the beach and then across the sand or stones, finding a perfect place to sit and exploring rockpools and watching the tide.

The quality time
Going to the beach can also mean time spent from loved ones without distractions. There is no internet or television or work to do. Even just sitting near the people you love is so nice and relaxing.

Do you like going to the beach?


  1. I really love the sea too :) it's too bad it's kind of far from me (but I'm lucky to have a seaside region in my country at all, I guess!) The sea can be so calming :)