Saturday, 9 June 2018

Fairy Tail Volume 1 Manga Review

Fairy Tail follows Lucy, a wizard who uses keys to summon beings who assist her in battles. She meets Natsu, who uses fire magic and Happy, a flying cat. We follow Lucy, Natsu and Happy in various adventures and we are introduced to a wizard guild, called Fairy Tail.

Volume 1 presents the different characters and their goals. There were a few places where the dialogue felt disjointed but as this is a translated work that is understandable. The main issue I had with this book was the portrayal of females. Females were shown in an objectifying way and this is something that can be annoying in mangas.

Other than that, I actually did like the stories within this first volume and the characters are intriguing. I am especially interested in the story of Natsu but I will not go into that because I do not want to spoil too much of the story.

Overall, if you like manga then you will likely enjoy this book. I have the second volume so I am going to read that soon. 

Rating: 4/5 stars

Have you read Fairy Tail? 

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