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IBS Update July 2018

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Hello! So as you can probably see by the title of this post, today I am going to give you an update on my IBS! I have previously written about my IBS here.

At the beginning of the week I was feeling really tired and then suddenly I came over really unwell. I thought that it was very likely a bug. However, I have been having intense stomach pain for a few days so now I am thinking it could be an IBS flare. My IBS symptoms vary and occasionally I will go through a period of strong pain for a week or two in which medication barely touches the pain. I’m not quite sure why but seeing as stress and anxiety can trigger symptoms and I am stressed and anxious basically all the time, that probably doesn’t help. So I am currently sitting here, trying to ignore my pain by writing about it (insert lol here).

IBS varies from person to person and certain foods can trigger symptoms so if you can work out what these are, your symptoms may improve. Unfortunately, I have not found a pattern so far and because I have anxiety, it is very difficult to draw any correlations. One day I can either be ok with a food, have mild or moderate symptoms or have more severe symptoms. If you are having any symptoms please see a doctor as they can rule out other conditions. However, I don’t often feel negative about my IBS because I know that I could be a lot worse off and that my symptoms are not severe and that they will pass.  

Do any of you have IBS? If so, how do you deal with it?


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