Thursday, 16 August 2018

Add Some Disney Magic To Your Home: Disney Home Decor!

Do you love Disney as much as I do? Would you like to add some magic to your home? I decided to look for all the Disney home décor that I could find and compile it into one post. I found some really beautiful things!

First is this Hallmark Mickey Mouse perpetual calendar. I love the colour combination and the positive message! Who doesn't need a Disney calendar in their house?

Next up is this stainless steel Disney Mickey Mouse waffle maker! This is quite possibly my favourite Disney item. I have never had American waffles but I would definitely like to try them and you could make all sorts of things in here. This would be a lovely decorative food machine for children and adults alike!

Then we have this adorable Disney Mickey Mouse print slow cooker and dipper/container pot! I absolutely love how cute and stylish this is, as well as practical. You could cook a meal in the slow cooker and marinade meat or vegetables in the pot or use it for a dipping sauce, the possibilities are endless.

There is also this totally kawaii Disney Pixar slow cooker that I feel would even encourage children to help prepare meals! I love how it has so many amazing characters on there and it is so cute!

Then we have a red Disney Mickey Mouse toaster that even toasts the Mickey Mouse symbol onto the bread! I totally need this!

Then enter your own Disney castle with this Disney castle doormat! I feel like this would top off the cute Disney aura!

So those are some Disney home décor items that I found and loved. What Disney items would you love in your house?

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