Thursday, 16 August 2018

Disney Stationary: Add Some Disney Magic To Your Work/Study Life!

When I was looking at Disney home d├ęcor, I found some really cute Disney stationary so I wanted to make a post about it all!

1. Disney Mickey Mouse stickers: these stickers are a stylish hint to Disney

2. Mickey Mouse file folders: these file folders are so cute and colourful, I would love to store my writing in them and if I was still a student I would definitely put my work in them!

3. Disney Tsum Tsum squeezable Stitch: I feel that this would be the perfect stress ball/ stress relief item to have on your desk or in your pencil case!

4. Disney Tsum Tsum pencil case: speaking on pencil cases, I love this tsum tsum pencil case so much. It is incredibly cute and colourful and just the thing to brighten your day.

5. Disney Tsum Tsum stationary: another cute stationary item! This stationary set contains so many useful items, that look great too!

6. Disney Mickey Mouse water bottle: so this technically isn't stationary but you still need to keep hydrated when you are working or designing and this Mickey Mouse water bottle is the perfect container!

7. Mickey Mouse notebook journal: I love the artistic look of this Mickey Mouse notebook. I feel that it is essential to have a pretty notebook to write in and this definitely fits that.

8. Disney Minnie Mouse stapler: another totally cute and useful item to add to your collection.

Do you like stationary? Do you own any of these?

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