Appreciating Yourself Just A Little More

Are you someone who always smiles when you look in the mirror? Maybe not, but you at least have something good to think whilst you’re there, right? Maybe you’re someone who can always be proud of what you achieved, because you know you’ve tried your best in whatever you’ve set your mind to, and you can look back with a sense of accomplishment?

But if you can’t do any of those things, then now’s the time to change your habits. You always need to appreciate yourself, no matter who you are or what you do, and you need to be strong enough to meet your own eyes in the mirror every day with a little bit of kindness! So with all that in mind, here’s a couple favourite tips for making sure you’re loving yourself in the best way possible.

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Share the Love a Little More

When you share your love with other people, you open yourself up to easier ways of expressing your emotions, especially when it comes to appreciating yourself. And because of that, practicing your words and actions on other people might just be the most practical way of faking it until you make it - seeing as you’re coming across so confident and loving, you might just trick yourself into actually believing it…

All in all, this could be an excellent first step for you, before you try anything else. So be sure to share out your love with the people closest to you, whether it be in the form of kind words or the occasional present every now and then. And seeing as we love Cuckooland gift ideas, the latter option doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to keep up with!

Eat, Sleep, and Drink the Right Things

Would you say you took care of yourself? Maybe not as often as you should, right? Well, your growing deficit in your physical care might just be feeding into your relative inability to appreciate yourself more than any other factor!

You need to drink more water, you need to bulk out your plate with a little more variety of colours and nutrients, and you definitely need to go to bed earlier. Getting a good night’s sleep allows your brain to give you and your body a break, and that makes having some positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities a lot easier than normal!

Try Meditating

Even if you don’t believe in the practice, simply turning off all of your electronics, and just letting yourself be in the moment without any distractions, could do wonders for your mental health. Mindfulness seems like a relatively new concept, but it’s been a tried and tested method in the mental health world for a long time! You’ve got nothing to lose here; it might just help you calm down and appreciate everything for a few minutes!

Appreciating yourself takes a lot of effort, especially if you’re used to the opposite - take your time here.

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