Monday, 25 March 2019

My Thoughts on Pale Wolves by Thomas Hulse

Title: Pale Wolves
Author: Thomas Hulse
Publication Date: 2019
Genre: Adult fantasy
Number of pages: 333

Pale Wolves is set in a Greek-esque world where magic is commonplace. It is told through third-person and follows three main characters; a necromancer, who decides to build an army of the dead in his goal to rule all. The next character is a man named Leonos who possesses both healing and fire magic. He is scripted into the city guard and one of his first jobs is to tackle the new threat posed by the living dead. Thirdly, there is a woman named Theodora who can control and manipulate wood. 

Hulse presents an interesting idea and characters. However, it felt as though something was lacking. I didn't feel very invested in the characters. I found the concept intriguing but the chapters were so short. Additionally, I did not like some of the descriptions. One of the women was introduced as being 'thin and small-breasted', another as 'ugly'. These parts did put me off of reading the book because it was just unnecessary and annoying.

I ended up DNFing this book because although I liked parts of the story, I just was not invested enough to keep reading. For me personally it felt like completing this book would just be a waste of time. I wasn't excited about reading it. I did not anticipate the next pages. I just did not care enough. 

Have you read Pale Wolves? If so, let me know what you thought about this book!

(As this is a DNF partial book review, I will not allocate a star rating)

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*This book was kindly sent to me to review, however, all opinions are my own.

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