Book Feature: Poetry by Spencer Adika!

About Spencer Adika

Spencer Adika is an Author, Poet and a multi-discipline Creative. Using the pen and paper to spread INSPIRATION and my voice for CHANGE.

* Poetry - Life Lessons, 2015
* Embrace Poetry - The Heart Cure, 2016
* Unheard Minds - The Third Voice, 2017
* Lost Souls - Covering Forgotten Thoughts, 2018

Twitter: @spenceradika

A summary of his works to date:

Title: Poetry- Life Lessons
Just from the title,the book is life-oriented. It contains a collection of poems specifically written with simplicity to reach many. This is a true definition of modern poetry and art in general. I think it might be what you've been longing for.
Words are very powerful. They can: make, break, teach, educate and most of all heal. Poetry is an art that uses words as a medium.
This book has pieces of poetry that will inspire you to make the much needed move.

Title: Unheard Minds- The Third Voice
Alternative voices provide solutions to common disagreements in the face of humanity. Most of the times the same voices are disregarded and only considered as a last measure. Solutions are with us only if we take time and have interest in them. This book promotes an alternative voice through poetry. 

Title: Lost Souls- Covering Forgotten Thoughts
Different is unique.Different is diversity. We all have different qualities, opinions, perspectives, perceptions and ways of doing things as humans. This means, although we are humans, we are very different from each other. In order to spice up and grow our lives we need to: involve, tolerate and embrace whatever one does in a positive outlook.This book covers some areas which have been taken lightly but affects our lives greatly."Creativity is expressing out your real you." - Spencer Adika

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