What Can Be Found? (A Planet Poem)

What Can Be Found?

An empty orb
Or hidden beings beneath the surface?

How much life is out there?
What else grows?
Foreign plants
In unimaginable areas

Swirling skies
Many eyes
And suns
Shooting stars
Black holes
Consuming everything

What has been lost?
And what can be found?

Rings of ice
And balls of fire
Peculiar grass
Or no grass at all
Flying creatures
Similar to birds?
Alternatively, something indescribable by words

Would there be buildings
And cars
Could there really be life on Mars?
Ground, liquid, gas
What else can other planets contain?
So much to discover
So much beyond our reach

We will keep going
Acquiring more knowledge
Creating further questions
What has been lost?
What can be found?

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