Poem: Anxiety comes

Anxiety comes

Anxiety comes
It doesn't really go
A never ending cycle
Or so it seemed
I broke it
If for just a while

Anxiety comes
It tries to hold on
Sometimes it feels 
Almost impossible to shake
But I promise you
Just keep trying
You will get there
And things will improve
Little by little
You'll know what to do
It may feel never ending
But reader
You will break it
In time

Never give up
For though it is hard
Going against your body
You can
And you will
I know you can
Anxiety comes
Your shield will rise
You will win this battle
In time
You will fly

-If you are struggling please seek help, whether it be a medical professional, a helpline or a friend. Never give up. There's so much to look forward to even if you can't see it now.

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