Poem: A Happier Life

A Happier Life

We spend so long
Reaching for goals
But does it really matter?
Feeling pressure
Always thinking of the future

Shouldn't we instead
Reach for happiness now?
What would make you happy
Right now?
In this moment?
What would you like to do?

Life isn't all about
Reaching for success
It can be overcome with it
If we are not careful
It's hard to put the break on
Do a 180
Completely change your perspective
But if we keep chasing the future
Will we look back
With a lack of happy memories?
A focus on work
And productivity in our free time

Try hard
Enjoy each moment
That you can
Focus on your breath
Let go of the weights
The things that weigh you down
Focus on what fills your heart
What makes you feel at peace
Do more of that
And less in a time
That you're in such a rush to arrive
Before you know it
You will be there
So make happy memories
In every day
Small joys
Small steps
The joy in daily life

Don't waste the present
It's not all bad
It's okay to do nothing
Do what you want
When you can
You'll feel more relaxed
Positive vibes
A happier life

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  1. A great collection of positive thoughts! A sip of happiness ��

  2. I like the idea ‘Don’t waste the present’. This rings so true with me because in the past I have missed opportunities.

    1. It's so hard not to do but it's never too late to stop and take notice of things!