Poem: Quiet the Mind

Quiet the Mind

It can be so hard to quiet the mind
To stop
The fuzziness
Filling your mind
To do something else
That requires no thoughts
Of what you did or will do
Even just for a few

It can be so hard to quiet the mind
You feel the desire
To stop, think and hide
Like there is a fly buzzing around
Saying "you need to think
To turn things around
Something is wrong
Or could be
If you don't stop and listen to me"

Battling this
Is a tough thing to do
But when you try
It's well worth it too

So remember
When you want to think
Stop, breathe and choose
Something that doesn't make you sink
An activity where you
Quiet your mind
And fill your soul
You feel like you could fly

I know it's an obstacle
You might face a day
But doing things anyway
Will make you feel good and keep bad feelings at bay

It's even still hard once you've understood
Don't let it lure you
With the feeling of need
Don't let your brain win
Feed your soul what it needs

Quiet your mind
You will love what you find
Keep trying daily
Do not give up
Battle the feeling
And prevent the mind bind

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