Poem: The World Needs You

The World Needs You

It's one of the hardest things to do
Living with mental health
Issues that burden you
Weigh you down
Constantly pressing
Feeling bad all around

You can feel so alone
So wrong and malformed
Thinking what is wrong with me
Why do I have to fall

Wanting to change
Be like everyone else
People who get through each day
Without feeling so rough

But let me tell
You are not alone
Never you will be
You will never be alone

I know it is hard
Living with mental health
And it's ok
To feel like you do
Just never give up
You are worthy, completely
And you give to the world
Things that no one else will
You're amazing
Let me tell you
Someone needs to

You're not alone
It's ok to feel bad
Good times are worth it
Even though you might not feel it
Right now
There are many shining memories ahead
You won't believe
You'll think back
So glad 
You didn't give up
For things will not always be bad
And good times are enough

Living with mental health issues
Is so hard to do
But please seek help
The world really does need you

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