Poem: Feeling low

Feeling low

You feel down
Like nothing you do matters
Things feel gloomy
The light can't get through
A dark orb covering you
People talking
Insides numb
Feelings subdued
A battle begun

This feeling returns
Again and again
Acting like your only friend

Why you?
You wonder
Why won't it leave?
Go away and give you some peace

But it's ok
To feel this way
Lots of people do
Every day
It doesn't have to define you
Or ruin your life

Make yourself rest
Let your mind wander as you watch TV
Or read a page, or two, or three
Do some writing
Or craft something new
Help out another
Do some housework too
Don't let it stop you
From being you
For feeling down
Is not the only thing about you
Make yourself do something, anything
To stop your mind winning
Again and again

Your mind is not you
It likes to trick us
Give us physical reactions
We just want to hide
But it's ok
To feel this way
Today, tomorrow, or any day
Just remember you are wonderful as you are
People love you
And you shine like a star
Even when you don't feel like you do
There's so many amazing things about you

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