Poem: Push and Pull

Push and Pull

It's so hard to stop thinking
Stop obsessing
Stop hyperfocusing
On things we don't need to
Things that make us ultimately feel

Our minds tell us
'You have to do this'
Our hearts tell us
Sometimes we break free
A little
Recognise the pattern
But going against it is like pushing against the tide
It feels impossible
But let me tell you
It is possible
You can do it
It's so hard
But you have to make yourself
Do the things
You know
Will make you feel so much better
And content

You can break the cycle
Even though it's a force to be reckoned with
And you can do it again
And again
With your force
You are stronger than you know
You can make yourself feel better
Again and again

Until it becomes easy
Second nature
And you will see
You held the power
The battle was long
But you fought the enemy
Again and again
To reach the destination
That you always sought
You can beat it
You just need to believe

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