Poem: You're More Than Your Mind

 You're More Than Your Mind

Life is a strange thing
Our minds make us feel bad
Affecting our emotions
Causing physical symptoms
For things that do not matter

Thinking that we need to be productive
In our spare time
Thinking relaxing
Is a waste of time
Worrying about things
When this doesn't help at all
Worrying just saps our time

And it's hard to accept
Physical or mental or both
Question why me
Wish you were 'normal'
Being ill makes you something less
But this is not true
All the things your mind tells you
Our minds like to lie
Take away our joy

But don't worry
There is a way
To let our minds think
But not be led astray
It's ok to be ill
You're as amazing as all the rest
Accept the bad thoughts
But don't let them win

Action is hard
But necessary
To feel the good feelings
You well deserve

Do not listen to your thoughts
Just sit and observe
Don't judge
Or interact
We are not our thoughts
Go do something
That fills you with joy
Stops your mind thinking
It's possible
Just try

I wish I could say
This is something that's fixed
With a click of your fingers
In a day or a week
But unfortunately
This takes time
Make it a routine
One day at a time

But it is worth it
To try every day
You deserve good times
Your life led your way

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