Poem: For Those Who Are Not Unwell

For Those Who Are Not Unwell

Some people don't understand
They just don't get it
They don't even show sympathy
Or believe
That you're going through a nightmare
Encased in pain
Can barely think
To move is pain
To do is fatigue
There's no escaping
The body you're in
Unless you are with
That personal all the time
You don't see what they're going through
Every single time
Because it's internal
You judge 
Don't believe
That that person is going through a hell
When they're not asleep
Some days are better
Some days are worse
When that person gets disbelief
It really hurts

They didn't choose this life
To live in pain
They didn't ask 
For things to be taken away
They don't want
To live differently to you
But here's the thing
They don't get a choice
They have to

Just because you don't see 
It on the outside
Doesn't mean
That person has something to hide

Their body hurts
Their bones ache
Feeling horribly weird
Headaches that come and go
Like drifted on the wind
Wanting to cry
From pain
But can't cry
It hurts to breathe

Don't judge
What you don't see
Please listen and believe

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  1. Wow! Powerful stuff.
    I'm sorry you're going through that :(

  2. The older I get, the more I feel this... Well expressed.

  3. Wonderfully well said, Lucy! Bravo!

  4. This really resonated with me as someone who suffers from chronic pain. Extremely raw and powerful. Thank you for sharing. ♥ Hope you have more good days than bad.

  5. Beautiful, strong words and so apt for s many people.

  6. Some really beautiful advice within this poem -- this is a great reminder for some empathy and kindness. I'm sending you love for those more difficult days.