Poem: The Future

The Future

Things are uncertain
But when are they not?
You worry so much about the future
You never know what's around the corner
That's life
Even if we knew the answers
I doubt we'd be content
Always wanting more
The human race

It's hard
But we need to learn to enjoy today
For that is what we know
If you spend your days worrying about tomorrow
One day
It will be too late
Try to be happy with what you have
Every day
Do what you can
Even when you don't feel like it
Don't let your mind win
Our minds lie to us
Mental health lies
We can't control it
But we can dictate our actions

On the present
Right now
Right here
What do you want to do?
What makes you happy?
Makes you feel good?
Do that
Enjoy the now
For that is all we can be certain of

Don't let your mind
Dictate your life

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