Poem: Life is Different

Life is Different 

Every day
Is pain
To move
Is painful
To think
Is hard

Life is different
With this constant lens
Each day
Symptoms vary
They scream
More or less

Throughout the day
Some days are worse
Some days are better
But these symptoms
Are still a daily companion

Life is different
Things have changed
No longer
Can you do
The same things again

You don't know why
What this thing is
Is it one thing
Or many?

You don't know
If this is your forever life
Will there be a cure?
Will it go completely?
Or dampen?

Every day
All you can do
Is take tablets
Try not to feel blue
Snuggle up with a blanket
Hide from the world
Do what you can
Speak to others too

Life is different
With this companion
You have loved ones
And things you can do
You just have to pace
In this new world
To you

You are not alone
Others feel this too
You are not alone
You're still amazing you

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