Poem: New Year, No Change?

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New Year, No Change?

A new year
A new start
People like to say
Because it's into January
Things are going to change
But things like mental and physical health
Don't just magically go away
Because a number grows

I love new year
The excitement in the air
The motivation
To set goals
And reach for them
Especially this year
I feel eager
Excited to achieve

But one thing more important
Than following some goals
Is to look after yourself
The all-important goal
Allow yourself to rest
Give yourself care time
For nourishing your mind
Is something not to be left behind

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  1. I have a theme for this year (health and healing) and that is what I am choosing to focus on rather than set concrete goals that sometimes become a point of stress if I feel I am not meeting them, etc. Your poem is lovely and a good reminder we must all take care of ourselves. Thank you for sharing!