Poem: Remember What's Important

Remember What's Important

You may feel physically ill
Every day
You may struggle with your mind
Every day
You may be dealing with a job you hate
Worry and stress

Every day

Life can be hard
It is also not long enough
Things might be tough
But never forget
The most important thing
In your life

The people
Who you love
Who love you back
The people
That care for you
And always have your back

Life might be hard
Every day
But it's not always bad
Don't forget the good
Make more of it

We're alive
And we have people we know
Who we should spend more time with
And love

Don't regret one day
Spend time with them
Make memories
With those who are fortunately still here
Enjoy time with loved ones
As much as you can
For people are really
The most important thing of all

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