Book Feature Service

There are so many great books out there that can be overlooked due to a lack of marketing budget or the lack of a big publisher. I love working with authors, both self-published and traditionally published and I was thinking about what I can do to help them reach more readers. I get a lot of book review requests but it can take me a while to get to them. Then it hit me, what if I did a book feature service? I could provide information about books and authors to all of my readers, helping both the author reach new readers and readers find new books.

I understand that a lot of authors do not have the funds for marketing budgets which is why I am only charging a small fee of £3 for a post.

If you would like your book to be featured please email me at Please include your book cover, title, author name, genre, release date, the summary of the book, a Goodreads link to the book, your author photo (if you would like it included), your bio and any links that you would like to include.

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