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Hi everyone! On this page I will be sharing information about my poetry books!

From book blogger and poet, Lucy DeRose, comes her debut book, There is Light.

A series of poems about mental health, anxiety, self-care, social media and what's important in life. Honest thoughts and feelings from someone who has dealt with depression, anxiety and OCD. Lucy tries to end each poem with a positive note, focusing on the hope and help that is out there. Because, no matter how dark things seem, there is light.

These are poems that I have written over the years during different periods and I am just so grateful that I get to share these and I am so happy that this is my debut. 

My book is
0.99 on Kindle
Free on Kindle Unlimited
3.99 in paperback

Please do let me know if you pick this up and I would really appreciate any reviews. This is a short book but one that means so much to me. Feel free to pick it up and read a poem or two as and when needed. I really hope that you find some comfort and feel less alone.

Some reviews:

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