Testimonials from authors that I have helped to get more reads and sales. 

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Testimonials from my Ko-Fi members:

“You have put in long hours writing your book and jumped through the seemingly endless hoops to get it published. Naturally, you want to get it in the hands of readers who will enjoy your story! As indie authors, it’s up to us to accomplish that goal.

If you’re like me, you explored avenues to market and promote your book that led to dead ends. It can be incredibly challenging to discover reputable sources and establish an audience if you are a first-time author. Lucy gets results you can see.

Take a look at your KDP dashboard reports, for example. Watch your book downloads soar as Lucy works her magic. After two weeks of having no new activity, I was delighted to see a sudden surge in downloads for multiple days in a row! Plus, she genuinely cares about helping unite authors and readers in a way that shines through her work – it speaks for itself! I can’t recommend working with Lucy enough to fellow writers.” – Jill Horton, author of The Fast Little Fox & Friends series

Testimonials from authors I have promoted:

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