Working with book reviewers: all about my review portal

Hi everyone! If you are a reader and you review books anywhere online, you may like to join my review portal! I work with indie authors to promote their books and I also work with book reviewers. 

How it works:

Email me at with your preferred genres and where you review. I will send you a link which includes all of the books available and is regularly updated. Then you just let me know what you'd like to read and review (there are ebooks and audiobooks available). I then get in touch with the author who will send me an ebook or Audible code which I will then send to you. Once you've read and reviewed each book, please email me the links so I can share on my indie book reviews page and on Twitter. I have a lot of genres available!

There is no deadline or review requirements but preferably please review as soon as you can (I will check in to see how you are doing after a few weeks) and don't leave a very short review. It would be great if you could review on Goodreads and Amazon and if you use any social media or have a blog or booktube channel. 

Once you've read and reviewed a book you can choose another book from the list. 

If you're not enjoying a book please do let me know.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment on this page or email me. 

Thank you and happy reading!

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