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Lucy Turns Pages: A Blanket of Darkness

A Blanket of Darkness

A man trapped in a nightmare world. Monstrous creatures lurk in a shadowy landscape. Can he escape the darkness within? A Blanket of Darkness: Psychological horror for fans of dark fantasy, hidden truths, and battles for sanity. Available on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle, and paperback.


Ralph appears to live an ordinary life, but beneath the surface lies the truth. He finds himself disconnected from the world as if he wasn't completely a part of it. His only remedy for this growing anxiety is his quarterly retreats away from humanity. But this latest trip changes everything. After waking in the middle of his trip, he finds himself inside a dangerous realm where reality intertwines with macabre fantasies. Soon Ralph discovers he's not alone. Nightmarish creatures, conjured from humanity's deepest fears, relentlessly pursue him through a labyrinth of fantastical lands that can't possibly be real.

Caught in this new world, Ralph battles to maintain his sanity while unraveling the mysteries that bind him to this place. Each step deeper into the abyss reveals the true nature of his existence, forcing him to confront his darkest fears and face the consequences of his double life.

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