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by Anastasia Bolinder
Genre: YA Fantasy/Adventure
Release Date: November 6th 2019
Bone Bear Press
Purchase link: Amazon

Books That I've DNFed This Year

DNF stands for Did Not Finish, it is a term used commonly in the book community to describe a book that someone has started reading but they didn't enjoy it and end up putting the book down, usually permanently.

I have DNFed quite a few books this year. A lot of this was due to sorting through all of the books that have been on my shelves for years. There were some that just were not for me anymore. I also picked up some new books that had been hyped and I just did not like them myself. There were also problematic issues in a lot of the books that I DNFed this year. Overall, I feel that I have just read so many books that have disappointed me this year. I am hoping for a better reading year next year! I thought that I would make a post about some of the books that I have DNFed this year and explain some of the reasons why I decided to stop reading them. (Disclaimer: these are all my own opinions, if you love any of these books then that is awesome!)

Nintendo Switch Games That Should Be on Your Radar!

There are a number of great-looking video games that have been released recently. I wanted to do a round-up of all the games that look interesting to me and share it with you guys!

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

I originally wasn't sure about this game, having not completed A Link Between Worlds yet but the graphics in this game look astounding and the gameplay looks interesting! I never played the original game that this is based upon. I have loved some of the Zelda games but some I have not. Have you played this game? If you have, what did you think of it?

End of the Year Book Tag

Time for a book tag! This one is the end of the year book tag and features questions reviewing my year and plans for the rest of the year. Original video for this tag.

An Illusion of Thieves Book Review

Title: An Illusion of Thieves
Author: Cate Glass
Genres:Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: TOR Books
Publication Date: 2019
Number of pages: 352
Trigger warnings: child slavery, sexual assault, violence, alcoholism

In Cantagna, being a sorcerer is a death sentence.

Romy escapes her hardscrabble upbringing when she becomes courtesan to the Shadow Lord, a revolutionary noble who brings laws and comforts once reserved for the wealthy to all. When her brother, Neri, is caught thieving with the aid of magic, Romy's aristocratic influence is the only thing that can spare his life—and the price is her banishment.

Find Me Their Bones Book Info!

Find Me Their Bones (Bring Me Their Hearts 2)
by Sara Wolf
Publication Date: November 4, 2019
Publisher: Entangled Teen


In order to protect Prince Lucien d’Malvane’s heart, Zera had to betray him. Now, he hates the sight of her. Trapped in Cavanos as a prisoner of the king, she awaits the inevitable moment her witch severs their magical connection and finally ends her life.