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Learn French with Lucy- Duolingo Diaries: I beat procrastination and finished a unit!

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Hooray!! I finished unit 20! I am now on:

Learn French with Lucy- Duolingo Diaries: A New Beginning

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I have been trying to learn French for a long time now through different methods. One thing I want to work on is to get back into doing a lot of Duolingo but I was finding it very difficult to motivate myself. I love blogging so I decided to use my blog to document my progress! I hope you’ll join me for the journey and we can discuss learning French together!

As of writing, I am on:

Mastering A+ Content on Amazon: A Guide for Indie Authors

Person holding a book with the Amazon logo displayed above and the blog post title 'Mastering A+ Content on Amazon: A Guide for Indie Authors'

As an indie author, you understand the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. Amazon, as the largest book retailer globally, offers a powerful tool to enhance your book listings and attract more readers: A+ Content. In this guide, I'll explore what A+ Content is, why it's crucial for indie authors, and how you can create compelling content that boosts visibility and sales.

Optimal Posting Times on Social Media for Indie Authors: Maximise Your Book Promotion

Indie author engaging with social media on laptop and smartphone, showcasing open books and social media apps, promoting book visibility and reader interaction.

Are you an indie author looking to promote your latest book? Navigating the vast world of social media can be daunting, but knowing the best times to post can dramatically increase your visibility and engagement. Each social media platform has its unique audience and peak activity periods. By aligning your posting schedule with these times, you can enhance your book promotion efforts effectively. Here's a guide to help you leverage timing for optimal impact across various platforms. (Times mentioned are in Eastern Timezone).

Dominate the KU Charts: Proven Strategies for Indie Authors to Score More Reads on Kindle Unlimited

Image of a person holding a Kindle eReader displaying the text "Amazon Charts Most Read in Kindle Unlimited" with a title overlay saying "Dominate the KU Charts: Proven Strategies to Score More Reads"

Kindle Unlimited (KU) offers a fantastic opportunity for indie authors to reach a massive audience of readers hungry for new content. But with millions of books vying for attention, how do you make yours stand out and get those coveted page reads?

Here are some battle-tested strategies to supercharge your KU visibility and attract a dedicated readership:

Tweet Triumphs: Sell More Books with Winning Twitter/X Strategies (2024)

Close-up of hand holding phone. Phone screen displays "Social Networks" folder with Twitter app icon highlighted. Text overlays include a hashtag symbol and retweet icon. Overall text: Unlock Twitter's Power to Sell More Books (Indie Author Guide).

Calling all indie authors! Feeling lost in the Twitterverse? Don't worry, because Twitter can be a goldmine for promoting your book and connecting with readers. But how do you stand out in the sea of tweets? Here's your ultimate guide to crafting winning Twitter strategies that will skyrocket your book sales!

Facebook Fanatics: Sell More Books with Indie Author Facebook Power!

Laptop screen displaying a vibrant Facebook page for an Indie Author promoting a book. Text overlay:  Unlock Facebook's Power to Sell More Books (Indie Author Guide).

The Facebook landscape for authors is ever-changing, but its potential for indie authors remains strong. With strategic planning and engaging content, you can transform Facebook from a social space into a powerful sales platform. So, buckle up, book warriors, let's dive into the art of converting Facebook fans into book-buying fanatics!

Indie Author Powerhouse: Attract Readers & Boost Sales with Instagram Magic

Green grass background with a phone lying flat, showcasing the Instagram app with overflowing likes (hearts). Text overlay: How to Use Instagram Like a Pro: Attract Readers & Skyrocket Book Sales (Indie Authors).

Calling all indie authors! In today's digital landscape, social media is a battlefield for book promotion. But fear not, for Instagram can be your secret weapon.

This captivating platform allows you to connect with a massive audience of bookworms, showcase your creativity, and ultimately, drive sales. But how do you cut through the noise and get your book noticed? Here's your ultimate guide to mastering Instagram and skyrocketing your author brand.

Indie Author? How to ROCK TikTok for Book Promotion in 2024

Split image. Left side: TikTok logo and phone displaying app. Right side: Author holding a book with cover facing outwards. Text overlay: How to Rock TikTok for Book Promotion.

The world of book promotion is ever-evolving, and for indie authors, keeping up can feel like a whirlwind. But fear not, word warriors! There's a new sheriff in town, and its name is TikTok.

This short-form video platform isn't just for Gen Z dance trends anymore. It's become a powerful tool for authors to connect with readers, build a buzz, and sell more books.

Synthetic Sea


In the distant future of planet cracking, VR distraction, and corporate greed, grieving private detective Ryoma LeBeau takes what seems to be a simple job on the opulent casino planetoid of Scylla. Captivated by a chance meeting with the cybernetic musician Guin, he finds himself drawn to the smoky anachronistic lounge bar where they perform. But it seems there's a lot more to both Guin and this case and Ryoma can't help but pull at the threads of mystery leading him to the depths of conspiracy and memory.

Inspired by Philip K Dick novels and Ghost in the Shell, Synthetic Sea is a cyberpunk noir entwined with queer romance.

Available on Kindle and paperback

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Along About Midnight


Like every small town, Oakridge has its secrets. Legends. When October falls, Peter Harlow and his friends seek to uncover them at the Chapel Hill Cemetery—surrounded by jack-o’-lanterns at midnight. But what starts off as a fun scare for the season turns into something far more than they bargained for.

When children go missing and a mysterious cat follows him home, Peter starts losing sleep. Spiraling from tormenting nightmares. And soon, he realizes there’s more to the stories than what was passed down. Truth within fiction. As Halloween draws nearer, so does the darkness–looking to claim its next victim.

Sometimes, secrets are better left buried. Legends left to die. In time, Peter and his friends must learn that stories are forever. And the more they’re shared, the more alive they become. Constantly being retold. Rewritten. Never forgotten...

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Self-Publish and Reach the World: A Look at IngramSpark for Authors

Vintage typewriter with text 'Write Edit Rewrite Repeat' on paper, symbolizing the self-publishing process of writing, editing, and revising a manuscript.

So, your manuscript is polished, your cover art is stunning, and your dream of becoming a published author is within reach. But with the traditional publishing route seeming more competitive than ever, many authors are turning to self-publishing.

If you're considering self-publishing, you've likely come across IngramSpark. But what exactly is IngramSpark, and is it the right platform for you?