Banish These 3 Things From Your Life For Better Mental Health

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Sometimes to get well, we need to minimise or cut things from our lives that are doing us more harm than good. Read about three of the most important things to banish for better mental health below.

Negative self talk

First of all, if you want your mental health and reduce anxiety to improve then learning to recognize and disregard negative self-talk is vital.

Negative self-talk is one of those things that seems like it's coming from ‘us’ but is just another way of our brains trying to protect us from danger. The idea being that your brain warns you of things that could cause problems for you in your life. Unfortunately, most people don't realise that it's their brain trying to protect them, or that they don't have to believe everything it says. Oh, and very few understand that the brain can't tell the difference between bad behaviour and a bad person!

How To Make Working From Home More Manageable

This is a collaborative post and it may contain affiliate links

It definitely seems to be the case that most of us are all working from home more at the moment. Maybe you’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable now? Or maybe you’re self-employed? It can be hard to adjust to and you may find that you get distracted easily or struggle to manage everything. But how you feel really matters and affects your productivity. So let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Stick To A Routine

For starters, one of the best things that you can do is to make sure that you have some kind of working routine. It can be hard to feel productive at home and when you’re not in the work environment hat you’re used to. So establishing a new sort of working from home routine can really help you to stay productive and make it work out for you.

I got a surprise book box and absolutely loved it + discount link!

Hi everyone! I recently got a surprise book box from A Box of Stories. They do boxes of 4 surprise books in different genres: young adult, crime, fantasy and sci-fi, historical fiction, light reads, mixed reads and fiction. I got the YA box and filmed an unboxing and try a chapter video over on my YouTube channel!

I was really impressed with the box, which is usually £20, with my referral link you can get £4 off so you get 4 books for around £16! Some of the boxes are £15 so with the discount they would be around £11! I think this is a really great deal for 4 brand new books. You can choose when you want to get the box and you can pause or cancel anytime.

If you want to see what books I got in my box, check out my unboxing and try a chapter video. I will also be uploading a reading vlog for some of the books! 

I have been struggling with reading this year. I have been DNFing (not finishing) so many books. I haven't been enjoying most of the books that I have read and I have only found one new absolute favourite read so far this year (The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue). I have been filming reading vlogs so you can see some of the books I have been reading and my thoughts on them. 

I was very excited to get my box and I was hoping that it would help me find some new hidden gems and potential favourites. The books are ones that have been recommended by readers but didn't necessarily become hyped. I recently took a break from reading for a little bit, I didn't feel interested in any book. Since getting the box, I have read two books and I am currently reading a third. There was one book that I don't want to read but I am still very happy to have 3 books that I have found interesting and I was actually motivated to read!

Additionally, the customer service of this company is brilliant. You can link to your Goodreads so they won't give you any books that you've already read and you can select two genres that you don't want to receive. You can also opt in to get newsletters. I would really recommend checking out A Box of Stories if you're looking to find some new under-rated reads! You can get £4 off your first box with my referral link. I will be posting regular unboxings and try a chapter videos for this box so please subscribe to my channel if you don't want to miss them!

Passé composé verbs in French- Learn French with me!

Hi everyone! I've been trying to teach myself French for a while and I thought it would be fun to create some blog posts as I go along to help myself study so I will be doing regular posts on French. If you'd like to see all of my posts check out my learning French page. Please note this is not a study guide, if I make any mistakes please let me know! I also have a post on present tense verbs.

Passé composé
Use this tense to talk about things that were completed in the past. It includes an auxiliary verb of either avoir or être.

être- to be
j'ai été- I was
tu as été
il a été
nous avons été
vous avez été
ils ont été

avoir- to have
j'ai eu- I have had/ I had
tu as eu
il a eu
nous avons eu
vous avez eu
ils ont eu- they had

faire- to do
j'ai fait- I did
tu as fait
il a fait
nous avons fait
vous avez fait
ils ont fait

aller- to go
je suis allé- I went
tu es allé
il est allé
nous sommes allés
vous êtes allés
ils sont allés

vouloir- to want
j'ai voulu- I wanted
tu as voulu
il a voulu
nous avons voulu
vous avez voulu
ils ont voulu

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