Top 5 Books That I Want to Read Soon!

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One of my goals is to read more, especially to reduce my physical TBR (to be read/my shelf). I thought I would make a post about 5 books that I would like to read soon and why!
Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

This YA fantasy is set in a world where librarians watch over grimoires that can turn into monsters. I believe we follow a librarian and that there is a romance. I have heard mixed views about this book but I would love to check it out soon. Also, the hardcover copy is beautiful!

Preparing Your Small Business for the Return of Exhibitions

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The coronavirus pandemic has thrown businesses around the world. Hardly any of us were prepared for the rise and spread of a deadly pandemic and the social isolation and social distancing measures that would come hand in hand with it. Over the past four months, many of us have been unable to operate, or have been operating online on a remote basis. Sales have plummeted for the vast majority of brands, as companies are having to limit operations and consumers aren’t as willing to spend due to high rates of unemployment and reluctance to spend money that could be essential for necessities if they do lose their jobs. But the good news is that restrictions are slowly being lifted and things are gradually getting back to normal. As things begin to get back into motion, you’re going to have to work extra hard to get your brand noticed, to reestablish yourself and to make as many sales as possible to make up for lost time in some capacity. This is where exhibitions could come into play! Now, exhibitions aren’t opening back up quite yet. But this is a good time to start preparing for them. Here are a few pieces of information that can help you along the way!

Internal IT Vs Outsourced IT - What's Better For Small Businesses?

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Information Technology is imperative to your small business’ success. With the right IT tools in place, you can reduce everything from bounce rate to downtime while boosting employee productivity levels. Plus, your company will be incredibly secure.

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of investing in IT, but the tricky part is figuring out how to invest. Do you outsource the job to a third-party, or do you hire in-house IT technicians? The option you choose should depend on your circumstances as every business is different.

However, here are the general reasons why entrepreneurs tend to prefer outsourced IT to internal IT services.

A Remote-Worker's Guide to Small Business Success

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With so many businesses, ranging from small to huge corporations, going to fully remote work rapidly, there has been a huge learning curve for founders, CEOs, and employees. If you haven’t already, go ahead and read the blog about how to set up a successful small business. While that guide still pertains to setting up a business, you may want to consider these tips on how to maintain your small business success while many of your employees work remotely.

Protect your physical goods

Keep your physical property safe. If you have a physical product or service, you may not spend as much time at your warehouse or storage property as you did before you migrated towards a more remote workforce. Simply put, this means you aren’t checking on your goods or property as often. If you have anxiety about the safety of your tools or products, have a closed-circuit television system installed. CCTVs are more of a deterrent than many other security options, and you can monitor the TVs from your home. Check out Securafit’s website if you’d like to learn more about CCTV installation to help keep your small business property safe, especially if you’re working from home more.