An Impossible Dream by Ellie Lieberman

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Title: An Impossible Dream 
Author: Ellie Lieberman 
Genre: Fairy Tales, Historical Fantasy, Coming of Age 
Where to read: available as paperback, ebook, & through KU (! Can also be ordered through your favorite indie bookstore or local library! 

A story of friendship, love, survival, and dreams, even when they seem impossible... Sare has survived fifteen years playing the perfect little servant, but can she survive the castle? After all, nowhere compares to the castle and no one compares to the King. 

Where to get free and discounted books!

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Hi everyone! So if you've been here before, you'll know that I love books! Along my reading journey I've looked into different apps and stores and here are some great places where you can get free or discounted books.

1. Better World Books

Better World Books sell new and used books at typically discounted prices. They ship to the UK, US and internationally. They also run regular deals. A wonderful thing about Better World Books is that they fund libraries and literacy programs! They also donate books when you buy books! If you use this link, you'll get $5 (or the equivalent) off of your order.

2. Scribd/Everand

Scribd, which has recently rebranded to become Everand, is a fantastic resource for ebooks and audiobooks. They have an expansive collection and you can read as many books as you like each month (sometimes they limit you if you've read a lot of popular books in one month and you have to wait but this has only happened to me once). I have read so many excellent books through Scribd. Use this link to get 60 days free, you can cancel anytime.

3. Libro fm

Libro fm is another wonderful company, you can get audiobooks and each purchase supports independent bookshops. It is also now available internationally! You can currently get two audiobooks when you join using code CHOOSEINDIE.

So those are three amazing resources for finding free and discounted books! Have you used any of these? Would you like to?

Baby Steps by Hazel Meredith-Lloyd

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Title: Baby Steps
Author: Hazel Meredith-Lloyd
Genre: Contemporary commercial fiction/women’s fiction/Romcom
Where to read: Kindle Unlimited or buy on Amazon in e-book or paperback


Jenny has cystic fibrosis and diabetes. She has a colour coded list of things she wants to give to her future children, but her genes aren’t on it.

As she and her husband Kyle navigate the challenges of the adoption process, their best friends, Helen and Jake, fall unexpectedly pregnant.

Can Jenny convince the adoption panel that she and Kyle can cope with looking after her health conditions as well as parenting two children who’ve had a difficult start in life?

Moreover, can best friends stay close when one has thrust upon them what the other longs for?

My 2024 Goals/ From Now!

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I always get excited towards the end of the year/at the beginning of a new year because I love setting goals. I've been thinking about things I want to focus on next year/from now really. Here are those things:

Note: So I don't know if I'm going to change this but, the last few years I have focused on reading a lot of books. I think now I want to focus on other things instead and just read when I feel the desire to. I do have some physical books I want to get to soon though.

1. Finish Duolingo: I have been trying to learn two languages on Duolingo for a long time! Now I want to spend some of the swapped reading time and other times doing the lessons and aiming to finally complete all of the levels! If I finish this, I want to move on to practicing and expanding my vocabulary, grammar and skills. Do you use Duolingo? What do you recommend using after it?

2. Blogging:So going forward I really want to post more regularly on my blog again, specifically I want to focus on uplifting others, sharing their thoughts, experiences and advice on a range of topics including reading, writing, mental health, chronic illness and art. I also want to keep sharing indie books! If anyone would like to write a guest post please email me at!

3. Cosy games: I really want to play a lot more. (P.S. definitely check out Instant Gaming for discounted games, it's so good!)

What are your goals?


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