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Lucy Turns Pages: How to Make a Felt Ditto | Tutorial (Pokemon No. 132)

How to Make a Felt Ditto | Tutorial (Pokemon No. 132)

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Hey guys! I used to make a lot of creations out of felt, which I called felties. I wanted to start making them again and to share my creations on here. These felties will include Pokemon, animals and cute creations. The first feltie that I am posting about is Ditto! Please find below photographs and steps for each stage of the process!

1. Find a picture of a Ditto (or draw one). It should fit just under half of an A4 page. Print this and then cut it out.

2. Pin the picture on to a piece of pink felt (or a colour of your choice). Pin fairly equally around the outline of the Ditto to keep it in place. 

3. Cut around the outline of the Ditto. Then pin the Ditto picture on to the rest of the felt sheet and cut out another piece so that you have two sides of Ditto.

4. Cut a piece of thread that is similar to the colour of the felt. Thread this through a sewing needle, I use this sewing tool to help thread the needle.

5. Start sewing. I have found the cutest type of stitch to do is the running stitch. Sew small equal lines. Leave a gap (as shown in the picture) to stuff the Ditto.

6. Grab some stuffing. You can get this in craft shops. Pull small chunks of stuffing off and push them into the Ditto, ensuring that you reach all of the points. Do not over-stuff.

7. Sew the gap up with a running stitch, tie it and cut it. Get a piece of black felt and cut a thin mouth and two small round eyes. Compare the felt pieces to your Ditto picture to get the right size. Use craft glue to stick the eyes and mouth in the right place on the Ditto.

8. Ta-da! Your cute little Ditto feltie is complete. Well done and enjoy!

You can find felt in craft shops and online. I use Craft Planet felt.

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