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Lucy Turns Pages: My Reading Rush TBR (To Be Read)!

My Reading Rush TBR (To Be Read)!

Hi everyone! The Reading Rush (previously known as booktubeathon) is a readathon running from 22nd-28th July 2019. There are a bunch of reading challenges and there are badges awarded for each challenge (and some extra criterion) that you can get on the website. Here are the books that I am planning on reading for The Reading Rush. They are all mangas because I am getting back into reading mangas and graphic novels (I will still be reading fiction books too) and as I will be busy during The Reading Rush, I felt that mangas were a perfect fit for me!

The challenges/badges and the books that I plan to read for them:

Read a book with purple on the cover:

This is a new manga series from the creator of A Silent Voice. In To Your Eternity, a young boy meets a boy in the arctic area of North America and they become friends. However, the wolf turns out to be more than just a wolf...

Read a book in the same spot the whole time:

Aliens called the Mimics invade. Keiji is one of the soldiers who uses armour called a Jacket to fight them. One day Keiji dies but he is suddenly reborn, awakening on the same morning over and over again. On his fifth new life he receives a message. Could the writer of this message help him or will he die for real?

Read a book with over five words in the title:

Naofumi is an Otaku who spends his time playing games and reading manga. One day he is sucked into a book and finds himself in a fantasy world! He has been chosen as one of the four heroes and he is given a shield to save the world. Naofumi is seen as the weakest hero and he is betrayed. Now all Naofumi has left is his shield, can he save the world?

Read a 5 star book: I don't know which of my reads (if any) will be a 5 star, I am predicting that this classic manga will be but if not we will see which of my reads is a 5 star!

In the past the Hidden Leaves village was destroyed by a nine-tailed fox. In the present, Naruto is trying to graduate from the Ninja Academy, he wants to become the new village leader.

Read a book you meant to read last year:
  • All You Need Is Kill

Read a book with a non-human main character:

Two soldiers from opposite sides in an ongoing galactic war fall in love. They create a child and must keep the baby safe in this dangerous world.

Read an author's first book:

Owly is a lonely owl looking for friends and adventure. In this book Owly makes a friend, he thinks that he will never see this friend again but he learns that when you say goodbye, it may not mean forever. 

Read and watch a book to movie adaptation:
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero volume 1

Read seven books: All of the books listed above and

Madoka has been having mysterious dreams featuring a girl and a cat creature. A new girl joins her class, a girl that was in Madoka's dreams. Then the cat creature appears asks Madoka if she would like to make a pact. A pact offering her the opportunity to become a magical girl, with a cost... 

Read over 1000 pages:

To Your Eternity (192 pages)
All You Need Is Kill (425 pages)
The Rising of the Shield Hero (168 pages)
Naruto (187 pages)
Saga (176 pages)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (144 pages)
Owly (160 pages)

Total= 1,452 pages

Other badges I am aiming to get:
  • Post a reading rush bookstagram
  • Participate in a Twitter sprint
Are you participating in The Reading Rush? If so, what are you planning to read for it?

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