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Lucy Turns Pages: The Wayward Prince (The Redfern Legacy Book 1)

The Wayward Prince (The Redfern Legacy Book 1)

A young woman with magic surging around her hand is pursued by palace guards. A mysterious cloaked figure stands beside her, ready to fight. The Wayward Prince: The Redfern Legacy Book 1. Fantasy adventure for fans of magic, hidden identities, and dangerous journeys.


Shaye Eastly has never been in the presence of kings, or magic. In fact, she has never ventured
further from her small village in the mortal kingdom of Nautia than the capital square. But when a
stranger appears to help her evade the palace guards who’ve come to arrest her for suspected
sorcery, Shaye must trust her new companion, Aydan, to keep her safe.

As they flee to Medeisia, the ancient land of sorcerers, Shaye is quickly wrapped up in a dangerous
world with a target on her back as long-dormant abilities spark and a family history she’s never
known begins to unravel before her. Meanwhile, Aydan’s wanted status and complicated relationship
with the royal family leads them down a path they cannot turn from.

In the midst of imprisonment, torture, and rising political tension, Shaye and Aydan must rely on
each other and decide if their feelings for one another can survive the horrors they endure, the
implications that come with her growing power, and the family legacies that will follow them

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