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Lucy Turns Pages: Jasmine Perez and the Wicked Sorceress (Jasmine Perez Series Book 1)

Jasmine Perez and the Wicked Sorceress (Jasmine Perez Series Book 1)

A brave young princess, Jasmine Perez, raises her hand, glowing with magic. A dark sorceress looms in the background, and a group of loyal companions stand beside Jasmine. (Jasmine Perez and the Wicked Sorceress by Joharra Harper, Book 1 in the Jasmine Perez Series)


This is a story about Jasmine Perez. She is the Princess of one of the many Kingdoms in that Realm. But one day, a Wicked Sorceress kidnapped her people, including her father, the King. Jasmine has to leave her Palace, even though she has never left the Kingdom walls, along with two servants and her fiancé. They go on a long journey and find something that can help the on their mission, and find people who can help them as Jasmine practices her newly discovered magic. There is love, hate, adventure, action, anticipation, and lots of magic. Will she be able to stop arguing with her companions long enough to stay focused? Will she be able to defeat Lilac and save her people? Watch as Jasmine figures out who she is in time to save her Kingdom, and her entire Realm.

Available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback and hardback

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