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Lucy Turns Pages: Paint Me Yours: A Contemporary Romance Novella (Love in St. Agnes)

Paint Me Yours: A Contemporary Romance Novella (Love in St. Agnes)

A cozy art gallery with ocean views in the charming Cornish town of St. Agnes. A man and woman stand amidst colorful paintings, their expressions hinting at playful tension. (Paint Me Yours: A Contemporary Romance by Rachel Bowdler)


Nothing matters more to Benny Weatherford than the charming little art gallery he runs in the quaint Cornish coastal town of St Agnes — so when curator and old friend Eliza Braybrooke wanders in with plans to change everything, including his own work, he puts his guard well and truly up; especially when he discovers that his estranged father hired her personally.

With Eliza’s unsolicited help, they scout new artists and revamp the crumbling little art studio, and despite all their bickering and misunderstandings, seem to get closer in the process. But Eliza is too tied up in the wealth and status Benny has long since left behind, and worse still, she is dating Benny’s brother, Declan, who is just as frosty towards Benny as his father.

With the fate of Greystone Gallery hanging in the balance, can Benny put his personal feelings aside and trust Eliza, or will everything he loves be ripped away once and for all?

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