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Lucy Turns Pages: Cry Wolf (The Shift Series)

Cry Wolf (The Shift Series)

Paranormal mystery meets forbidden love in Cry Wolf! A teen with amnesia uncovers wolf-shifting secrets & battles a monstrous wolf in a thrilling new adult romance.


Since her foster father found her in the neighboring woods thirteen years ago, eighteen-year-old Acei Altum has wondered about that wintery night. Where did she come from? Where are her parents? And why does she have nightmares about wolves? Besides these questions, unusual sensations awaken around her long-term, car-tinkering crush, Beau Gregory Ambon. Her chest writhes and pulls under his spell. His voice alone flutters the butterflies in her belly, but he isn’t the only one.

When team organizer Marlin Graysby comes searching for a guide through the woods to find his missing brother, the pull drives Acei insane. She agrees to help him search for his brother to discover what it is she’s feeling and to learn where she came from, but the trip is more dangerous than expected. A disfigured shadow lurks between the trees in the shape of a wolf, and it watches the team and Acei. It is believed to have a part in multiple missing persons, but is it a rogue animal or something more sinister?

As nightmares resurface and graves exhume, Acei must find out what or who the wolf is or risk becoming another one of the missing.

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