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Lucy Turns Pages: Talia: Heir to the Fairy Realm (Servants of the Moon and Sun Book 1)

Talia: Heir to the Fairy Realm (Servants of the Moon and Sun Book 1)

Talia, a radiant fairy heir, and Prince Bastile, a human prince, defy kingdoms in a forbidden romance. Can they unite their realms against a dark prophecy? Explore a unique fairy world in this epic fantasy for fans of The Cruel Prince.


♥Talia, the young Iridescent-winged Heir to the Fairy Realm, and Prince Bastile, the Heir to the Human Realm, have embarked on a forbidden love affair, and their choice will have consequences for both their worlds.

After a stunning betrayal, Talia, her 8 Ladies, and her Heir's Guard (9 female Fairy soldiers) bravely set off on a journey through the Fairy Realm in search of answers about the Exile Queen, a reviled ancestor.

⚠However, Talia's evil Aunts, the Three Sisters, and others in both the Fairy and Human courts stand in her way, not understanding the ancient prophecy that Talia is destined to fulfill.

★★★Will Talia be able to save both the Fairy and Human Realms from the devastations of another war?★★★

If you enjoyed The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, you will be captivated by this exciting story of Talia and Prince Bastile's forbidden love affair and the stirrings of horrible hostilities between these two vastly disparate Realms.

But be warned: these are neither your little sister's happy romantic fairies nor your weird uncle's dark patriarchal fairies: they're something altogether new!

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