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Lucy Turns Pages: Vermilion Sunrise

Vermilion Sunrise

In the dazzling glow of a vermilion sunrise on an alien world, a group of teenagers stands on the shore of a vast ocean.  Lost memories and malfunctioning technology plague them in "Vermilion Sunrise," an award-winning sci-fi adventure for young adults. Can they unravel the mysteries of this new world and survive?  Available on Kindle, paperback, and hardback.


"An engrossing tale about starting over on a faraway world ... Our Verdict: GET IT"
-- Kirkus Reviews
Silver Medal in Young Adult Fiction, 2023 Reader Views Reviewer's Choice Awards

Same galaxy, different view.

Seventeen-year-old Leigh awakens from cryosleep to discover she's part of the first human colony in another solar system. The cryosleep is flawed. It kills adults and causes partial amnesia. As a result, the nations of Earth have launched into space an unlikely group--teenagers with no memory of volunteering for the mission.

Ten light-years from home, they land on a planet largely covered by water. The good news: some water is drinkable. The bad news: none of their technology works. As the colonists struggle to survive, strange debris washes ashore, and a surprising discovery challenges everything they thought they knew. With a makeshift raft and meager supplies, Leigh and a small band of explorers venture across the open ocean in search of answers.

But the truth may be more than they bargained for, especially for Leigh, who's been lying to everyone since she arrived ....

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