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Lucy Turns Pages: Purpose


In the shadows of a seemingly peaceful Southern town, danger lurks. "Purpose," a gripping crime thriller by Gregory Owen, follows three men on a collision course. One seeks a desperate escape, another craves justice, and the third harbors a deadly purpose. As their paths intertwine, secrets will be unearthed and lives will be shattered. Preorder your copy now on Kindle!


Gregory Owen’s debut novel is a dark, violent crime thriller. Three men are on a collision course in the small town of Stonefall, North Carolina, a sleepy Southern community built on decaying history, deceit, and corruption under a veneer of quaint and idyllic hospitality.

One seeks security for the future of his family before his time runs out.

One seeks answers for a strange murder that puts him in a desperate hunt for justice.

One seeks death, the ultimate purpose for all in his path.

When their paths intertwine, the consequences for them and others could prove deadly.

Preorder now! Available on Kindle

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