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Lucy Turns Pages: Wielders of Woe: Inferno

Wielders of Woe: Inferno

Wielders of Woe: Inferno - A Sci-Fi Epic. Prince Halcion Skyborn, stripped of his fire magic and exiled, stands defiant amidst the desolate Ashlands of Asha. A cosmic war threatens the Empire, and Halcion must regain his power, uncover ancient secrets, and find allies to save his world. Will he rise from the ashes to become the hero the Empire needs?


The battle for the Realmverse had begun and no one noticed. A cosmic war rages in the heavens, but its battlefield is the mortal realm. There's no escaping it and Prince Halcion Skyborn is no exception.

Caught in the midst of political upheaval after the end of a brutal war against the Polarian High Kingdom, the chain of succession is threatened and so is the Empire of Athos. Stuck in a political deadlock, Prince Halcion discovers a threat hidden within the Imperial Council. Certain that this will prove his claim to the throne and break the deadlock, Prince Halcion decides to challenge the council with this discovery but he was too late. The cosmos made their next move.

Defeated, humiliated, forsakened, Prince Halcion is stripped of his Fire Wielding magic in front of an audience of Imperials and exiled to the dreaded Ashlands of Asha. Reeling from his public disgrace, he must learn to brave the harsh Ashlands and bring justice to the Empire that exiled him, and retribution to those that sent him there. He must learn how to regain the magic that was taken from him, following the clues left behind by his late mother, and uncover centuries old secrets that could be the key in securing the Empire’s future.

But another threat looms and he'll need the help of those that call the Ashlands home to defeat it before the cosmos make another move.

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