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Lucy Turns Pages: There’s Something Here From Somewhere Else

There’s Something Here From Somewhere Else

A young girl, clutching a creepy porcelain doll, stands alone in the shadows of a mysterious town. In "There's Something Here From Somewhere Else," a chilling horror for young adults, a hidden evil stirs beneath the surface. Can a cursed boy and a young outsider join forces to unravel the town's dark secrets before it's too late? Available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback.


When 10-year-old Lydia received a mysterious doll on her stoop, she never dreamed it would become the catalyst for a perilous adventure.

Although new to town, and shunned by the locals, she can’t dispel their whispers of an ancient creature dwelling beneath the still waters.

Some dismiss the creature’s existence, while others insist that the very fabric of their town, from its flora to its fauna, is under the influence of the Lurker.

Faced with tragedy, Lydia’s doll becomes a beacon of hope. But who gifted it, and can it protect her from the town’s oldest resident?

As Lydia grapples with the enigma of her doll and the dark forces that surround her, she forms an alliance with Jaxson, a cursed boy whose own destiny is entwined with the town's secrets.

Together, they embark on a journey to resist the otherworldly influence of the Lurker. Can Lydia and Jaxson defy the odds and unravel the mystery before succumbing to the sinister will of this ancient entity?

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