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Lucy Turns Pages: Sigils of Malice

Sigils of Malice

Sigils of Malice: A Science Fantasy Thriller Book Cover. A muscular acrobat, Thalia Clayton, the "Mighty Beast Woman," stands amidst a bustling, early 20th-century-inspired cityscape. Sparks fly and arcane symbols glow as she confronts unseen danger. Can Thalia find her missing beast companion and unravel the secrets that threaten her world?


In the early 20th century-esque Imperial Capital of Grace, the Clayton Enchanted Extravaganza arrives. The Mighty Beast Woman, a muscular acrobat named Thalia Clayton, becomes aware that magical creatures (arcanafauna), and sorcerers of lower caste are vanishing in Grace.

When the disappearances take away her beast, a fearsome calygreyhound named Frendo, Thalia and her two sorcerer cousins are fired from the circus. While she tries to find her beloved Frendo, Thalia’s beloved cousins are put in danger. Without magic of her own as a mundane woman, she must work with a questionable characters, and learn dangerous secrets to protect everything she loves -- putting her very life, soul, and freedom at risk on a violent adventure.

Available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, in paperback and hardback

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