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Lucy Turns Pages: Mal


Mal Fantasy: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling. A figure wreathed in thorns and roses, Mal, awakens from a century-long slumber. Betrayed by the prince he loved, Mal seeks solace in a mysterious gift for the kingdom's newborn princess. Will Mal find redemption or vengeance in this dark fantasy reimagining?


Once upon a time, Mal was a spinster who could weave magic into his thread. Hired by the royal family, he met the young prince and the two became inseparable. But when the two attempted to save the kingdom, Mal was the only one to pay the price. He wakes up from a hundred year sleep with a body made of thorns and roses, his prince having never returned for him. Now, when that same kingdom he saved doesn't invite him to celebrate the birth of the princess, Mal brings his own gift...

A Sleeping Beauty retelling of loss, regret, and love.

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